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“Shocking” New Addition to Bergen County Police Department

TWENTY NEW TASERS were acquired by the Bergen County Police Department through forfeiture funding and in an effort to educate the public, Chief Brian Higgins and his specially trained officers held a special demonstration. (Tasers are known to be a less lethal option to traditional hand guns.) The County Executive, along with several other government officials were in attendance and found the demonstration to be an appropriate way to introduce the weapons to the public. “The safety of our community and police officers is of utmost importance. The introduction of the weapons into the BCPD ensures a higher level of safety for all. This demonstration showed that safety standards can be upheld while maintaining the integrity of the weapon and all those involved in its use,” said Ms. Donovan. Several members of law enforcement organizations and the public echoed County Executive’s sentiments on the matter and came to voice support. “It’s going to protect the public and it’s also going to protect the police officers”, said Alexander Shalom, ACLUNJ. Antonio Hernandez, the President of the National Coalition of Latino Officers, was also pleased with this development. “I think with the County taking the lead in this, other counties will follow suit as well as other municipal police departments.


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