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Reinforcing our Commitment


The National Coalition of Latino Officers, we are dedicated to stepping up our efforts in addressing issue that effect our members.  Our leadership demonstrates this commitment to our members by engaging federal and state policy makers and elected officials to help shape public policy impacting the Latino community and Latino law enforcement.  The NCLO and its member organizations efforts at the community level are essential and are a critical link in establishing and maintaining relations with key allies in government. 


Members of organizations belonging to the coalition are encouraged to use their unions or police associations first, as they also represent employment interest. However, there may be occasions when the needs of the member exceed the union’s capabilities and unable or unwilling to respond to adverse action based on disparate treatment and/or a pattern and practice by a law enforcement agency. The NCLO Equal Employment Opportunity Investigative Unit will investigate and review the case and if there is merit, will assist with the filing of EEO complaints, recommend attorneys for the adverse employment actions, and/or file with the U.S. Department of Justice directly on the members behalf.

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